Volleyball Tasmania Inc. is the official body for the promotion, development and co-ordination of the sport of (both indoor and beach) volleyball in Tasmania. Welcome to all current and prospective members!


Goals and Objectives

The basic objectives of the Association is to promote, develop and co-ordinate the sport of volleyball at all levels and at any place in Tasmania that is deemed to be appropriate or beneficial. Volleyball Tasmania (VTAS) is the recognised state volleyball body under Volleyball Australia.

Membership Report 2021, Membership Report 2022

Constitution and Strategic Plan

You can download a full copy of the new 2020 VTI constitution here. For information about assistance provided to members, over time, that aided in the advancement of achieving the strategic goals of Volleyball Tasmania, see our member grants area.

The VTI Strategic Plan 2020-24 includes an operational plan covering 2020-22 and outlines the vision, goals and strategies that the controlling board/committee believes are necessary to further the achievement of the basic objectives of the Association. It aligns our strategic objectives with those of Volleyball Australia and other member states.

Historical Merger

In November 2005, members approved a merger between Volleyball Tasmania and Southern Tasmanian Volleyball Association (STVA). Whilst retaining the same organisational title, Volleyball Tasmania recognises all past activities conducted by the STVA, including life memberships.

Link: STVA History (to Summer 2003)


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