16th Aus Masters Games - wrap-up!

The Australian Masters Games is a biennial sporting event that is regarded as one of the premier and largest participation sporting events on the Australian sporting landscape. In 2017 the 16th edition of the Games will be hosted in Tasmania from Saturday 21st to Saturday 28th October.

It is expected over 6,000 participants will compete across over 40 different sports.

The Australian Masters Games provide an occasion to:

  • make the wider community aware of the benefits of sport;
  • encourage and engage the masters sport demographic in ongoing activity that is beneficial to their long term health and wellbeing;
  • encourage a positive active lifestyle in the community that is balanced with social outcome and opportunities;
  • reaffirm with all levels of sports administration the importance of mature-aged sports people who are seeking opportunities to participate; and
  • demonstrate the many attractions of sport: skill, achievement, competition, social interaction, and satisfaction.

The beach volleyball draws (21-24 Oct) have been published on the AMG website; indoor volleyball (25-28 Oct) will be administered via our website.

Games Totals: 47 Sports, 70+ venues

Beach Volleyball:

  • 87 Participants
  • 91 teams
  • Youngest competitor - 30; Oldest competitor - 64
  • Representation from: VIC, TAS, QLD, WA, NT & NSW
  • VIC had the largest representation with 28 participants, followed by TAS with 26
  • 94 matches in 34 divisions over 4 days

The Burnie Surf Club and local businesses such as Fish Frenzy helped to make the promenade at West Beach a unique and comfortable environment for everyone; administrators, players and audience alike. There was some truly national tour standard beach volleyball played in the younger age divisions, and all participants thoroughly enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and sportsmanship.

Indoor Volleyball

  • 103 participants
  • 16 Teams
  • Youngest competitor - 32; Oldest competitor - 65
  • Representation from every state and territory: TAS, QLD, WA, VIC, NT, SA, ACT & NSW
  • TAS had the largest representation with 57 participants
  • 39 matches in 12 divisions over 4 days

The Somerset Recreation Centre was the venue. Remembering what to do on the volleyball court and showing all those skills of yesteryear was the game. A fantastic time was had by all, culminating in some amazing gold medal matches on Day 8.

Many thanks must go to the Burnie Surf Club, Waratah-Wynyard Council, Somerset Recreation Centre, Somerset Basketball Association and Volleyball Tasmania (and all their many volunteers & technical officials) – but most of all, to our event manager Dannielle Hunt. Without her months of tireless work and collaboration, this volleyball event would not have been the huge success it was.

Some pictures of West Beach, and medallists in both beach and hard court, can be viewed via our Facebook page!

On to the next Masters!!!