The following pages contain helpful resource downloads and training materials that may benefit volleyball administrators, competition managers and general members. If you find something is deficient or missing, please let us know!

Some basic tips on injury prevention are below:

  • Routine physical / fitness screening
  • Warm up and Cool down with slow, gently activities. Save stretching for your cool down period.
  • Build up gradually until you reach the length and intensity of exercise you’re aiming for. It takes time to learn the proper techniques.
  • Rest and Recovery. It is important to rest, it can make you stronger.
  • Wear appropriate protective gear and equipment, this may include; knee/elbow pads, ankle supports and compression garments. Make sure you use them correctly and that they fit well.
  • Avoid playing in pain.
  • Pay attention to your hydration – drink plenty of water.
  • Use proper techniques, if you’re unsure about the technique ask your coach or a friend.
  • Play safe – follow the rules.