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2021 Beach Volleyball Schools Cup

2021 Tasmanian beach volleyball schools cup event


Kingston Beach, northern end


Thursday 18 November: grades 7-8

Friday 19 November: grades 9-10


10:00 match start (arrive by 09:30) and finish 14:00


7-8 girls PDF DRAW

7-8 boys PDF DRAW

9-10 girls div1 PDF DRAW       9-10 girls div2 PDF DRAW

9-10 boys div1 PDF DRAW      9-10 boys div2 PDF DRAW

Results: Champion school = ClarenceHS, followed by Taroona, Kingston and Huonville

7-8 Girls

2-Grey: Clarence Green
2-Red: Taroona C
2-Yellow: Huonville 2
1- Kingston Blue

9-10 Girls

2-Blue: Kingston White
2-Green: Clarence Orange
2-Red: Clarence Blue
2-Yellow: Huonville 2
1-Blue: Taroona A
1-Green: Huonville 1

7-8 Boys

1-Blue: Kingston Gold
1-Green: Taroona D
2-Red: Taroona A
2-Yellow: Kingston Orange

9-10 Boys

1-Red: Clarence Blue
1-Yellow: Clarence Yellow
2-Grey: Taroona C
2-Red: Clarence Purple


Teams will consist of 4 players (teams of up to 6 players will be accepted) but on exception can play with 3 players on court.

Schools will nominate and manage teams. Students who are home-schooled or attend a school that did not enter a team in their age/grade may join another school's team on agreement from the school. 


School nominations have closed (9th Nov) due to exceeding capacity. Immediate payment is not required, as the school will be supplied with a tax invoice for all its entries.

Contact - call 0418104457 for more information.