2019 Southern Schools Competition

Volleyball Tasmania Inc. extends an invitation to students of all Southern State and Independent Schools to participate in the 2019 Southern Schools Indoor Volleyball Competition. (Download PDF roster v2, see link on this page for schedule/results/ladders)

Dates: 18 March - 27 May 2019

Monday afternoons in term 1 and 2 (Note: no matches during holidays 15/4 and 22/4)

Times: 4pm - 6pm

Matches will generally run 20-30mins each; schedule will be published when entries are final.


Entry fee is $220 per team. Schools will be invoiced for all teams they enter.

Venue: Moonah Sports Centre

17 Gormanston Road, Moonah, halls 1,2,3


All players must be students of the nominated school. An exception may be considered if two schools need to combine to field a full team.


Wherever possible, each team should be supervised by a teacher or adult who holds a current Working With Vulnerable People card.

Team composition:

A team consists of six (6) players on the court with up to six (6) substitutes. Mixed gender teams may be accepted to play in a boys’ division. If a team has less than 6 players for some reason, an official match may still take place (see Forfeits below).


College (year 11 or 12) incl. New Town 9-10 boys
Senior (year 9 and 10)
Junior (year 8 and below)


If a team does not have minimum four (4) players ready to play when the referee is ready to begin the match will be considered to have forfeited the first set. If, after 10 further minutes, the team still does not have minimum four (4) players it will be considered to have forfeited the match.


There will be no limit to the number of substitutions a team can make during a match.


The number of finals matches will be determined by division size. Schedule will be advised to schools and posted online. Teams may be required to play multiple finals on the one night.

Contact details:

Peter Hutchinson 0438 505 649
Gilly Millar 0488 978 704
Email: schoolprograms@volleyballtasmania.com.au