2018 Tas Masters Indoor Volleyball Championships

Preliminary event information:

Venue for 2018 is Hellyer College, Burnie

Mixed (Sat 28 April 2018)

Men / Women (Sun 29 April 2018)

- Game times are 60mins: best of 3 sets, deciding set to 15
- There will be plenty of time on court so if a team is up 2-0 a 3rd set does not need to be played
- Scheduled lunch break is 12:30pm-1:00pm
- At the end of the round robin (based on final standings) there will be a 3v4 match for 3rd place and a 1v2 match for the gold medal. The competition should be finished by 4.30pm.


The Masters Championship is open to anyone who turns 30+ before the 1st of January 2019. Participants must be current Volleyball Tasmania members (non-registered players can purchase tournament insurance/registration for $10pp).

Entries close strictly Friday 13th April (including receipt of full payment and team entry form)

For more information, contact us or email: masters@volleyballtasmania.com.au

Click on the button below to pay your entry fee (Note: you must enter first)