2013 Tasmanian Open Indoor Volleyball Championships

The 2013 Open was indeed a cracker; with the cancellation of State League there were several teams of players who were obviously dead keen for the top level state tournament!

Saturday saw the mixed divisions going at it, with final results as follows:

  • Div2: SETTING DUCKS def DWWAD 2-0 (25-21,25-10) and MVP was Jackson Jolly (Saturday Breakers)
  • Div1: VAN DIEMENS SHORT GRAIN def LATTE 2-0 (25-17,25-16) and MVP was Mick Adams (Reservoir Dogs)

Sunday was men's and women's competition - the State League replacements - and standard of play was exceptional. Final results as follows:

  • Men: VAN DIEMENS def SOUTHERN STARS 2-0 (25-15,25-22) and MVP was Steve Ibbott (Phoenix NDS)
  • Women: VAN DIEMENS def ZUNO 2-1 (25-16,23-25,15-13) and MVP was Triin Kuusk (Zuno)

All results can be seen using the button to the right. MVP votes can be downloaded here (pdf).

Tournament regulations can be downloaded here (PDF 240kb)